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Gum health can be impaired by water features like fountains or pools. Chlorine, along with other chemicals, that are used in water treatment can cause irritation and drying of the gums. It is important that you rinse your mouth immediately after swimming in order to safeguard your gums. To remove remaining chlorine, you can use an oral rinse.

Maintaining a healthy mouth is crucial for athletes. Sports can place additional stress on your mouth, which can increase your risk for gum irritation. It is important to have a strategy to deal with any oral health concerns and maintain your gums and teeth throughout and after sports events. Orthodontists and optometrists will have an established treatment strategy to help athletes.

Softeners for water are another option to look into with regards to oral health. It is possible for hard water to leave marks on your teeth as well as gums, leading to inflammation and irritation. A water softener may aid in removing these plaques and help keep your gums in good condition.

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