What Is the CDCs School Health Index? – Greg’s Health Journal


How well schools are able to provide an environment safe and clean. These include factors such as lighting, air quality, as well as the availability of clean water.

Faculty and Staff Health Promotion

This section examines the degree to which the school has guidelines and procedures in place that promote wellbeing and health of the employees and faculty.

Utilizing the SHI

Schools are required to complete self-assessment forms for each component of the SHI. It includes questions about the policies, resources and practices at their school. The survey can be utilized by school administrators, staff members instructors, and others. The survey is suitable for all sorts of school, such as the daycares for children.

Based on their answers to the questionnaire, schools receive a score for each component in addition to an overall score of the SHI. This data can be used by schools to pinpoint areas that are in line with the CDC standards , as well as the areas that need improvement.

The Benefits of the SHI

The SHI aids schools in identifying their health goals and their priorities. It is possible that a school will discover that the SHI hasn’t provided adequate health education or that the surroundings aren’t supportive of students’ health. Schools will be in a position to design a program which addresses the issues and enhances the health and well-being of its students. This program is customizable for students of any level, whether they are in middle school or at day care.

In addition to being useful for self-assessment, the SHI may also serve as a tool to connect schools to information and support to help them improve their programs for health. The SHI can be found in a number of helpful resources on the website. These include guidance and sample procedures as well as the policies and procedures.


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